With my photographs, I often attempt to make them look like paintings, or Sculpture, abstract but also figurative, so they partly have the illusion of 3 Dimensions, but also flattened out to 2 dimensional shapes.

It is always interesting to make portraits that are partly surreal, with the juxtaposition of large areas of dark shadow or white snow. I also try to catch people’s unusual expressions, that are often only there for a second, and I particularly like taking pictures in the low light of the setting sun. I love animals and always attempt to include them into my pictures.

I worked as a Camera Assistant in the film industry, mostly at Shepperton Studios from 1997, often for the Magic Camera Company, on The Model Units of the films “The Avengers” & “Entrapment”. And the 2nd Unit of “Lost in Space” in 1998, as well as Commercials and Pop promos, and other small films such as Chris Cunningham’s Art Film “Flex”.

From 2004, I worked as a Photographers Assistant, mostly for Ian Nolan, & Guy Jordon at Perserverance Works, Shoreditch, London.

From 1994 to 2018, I served in the Territorial Army / Reserves. In 2003, I deployed to Kuwait & Iraq on Op.Telic.1, as a Vehicle Mechanic with the REME attached to the Royal Logistic Corp. Awhile after returning, I transferred to The Honourable Artillery Company, in London.

I have made several small films. In 1990, I entered TBWA’s Absolut Vodka Film Competition and was mentioned in the Creative Review Magazine for my 30 second film commercial, “Absolut Yes we have no bananas”, which was shown at The Katherine Hamnett Warehouse in the Brompton Road, London.

In Nov. 2005 one of my photographs of Tailor Imtaz Khaliq was published in The Italian Marie Claire Magazine.

I currently work as a Civil Servant in central London.

[Because of the coronavirus, I regularly cleanse my Cameras & other equipment.]